About Us

The mission of Catalyst Behavioral Health is to support and equip the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by offering compassionate and comprehensive mental health, substance abuse, and holistic clinical services that are person-focused to enhance quality of life.

About Us

Catalyst Behavioral Health was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing an array of high quality services to individuals with behavioral and emotional issues. Headquartered in Somerset, KY, the agency has enhanced services to persons residing in the Lake Cumberland region and across the Commonwealth.

Our Vision

Catalyst Behavioral Health will play a vital role in expanding and enhancing services to develop a community of people who make healthy, safe, and empowering decisions that result in living meaningful, well-adjusted existences.

Catalyst Behavioral Health will serve as a safe haven for people with mental health, substance, and emotional disorders, connecting them with needed services through evaluation, planning, and coordination.

Our Values

The core values which guide our practice are:
• Compassionate care driven by integrity and authenticity
• Fostering environments of dignity and respect
• Person-focused services that are engaging, meaningful, and collaborative
• “Whole-person” treatment
• Equal opportunity for accessible care and treatment for all populations
• Community connectedness
• Evidence-based practices which lead to positive outcomes
• Advocacy for the rights of those who are unable to self-advocate
• Accountability to provide ethical and effective supports

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